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The Ultimate Notification Service

At Shree Tripada, we provide the best notification services to our clients. The notification service can be used for a chat or push notifications by using the web or a mobile app. The notification service is one of the best ways to keep the client informed of our products and service also.

Benefits of ST Notify in Project Management

In project management, it is very important the team remains updated about the project status all the time. ST Notify service has certain benefits that such teams can avail of. These are:

• Improved Tracking:

With ST Notify, one can send project status messages to the team members thereby keeping a track of the project developments.

• Quick Communication:

ST Notify is a way of providing quick communication between managers and team members. The managers can easily change notification settings when new projects start.

• Short Reporting:

ST Notify helps save time as users can send short reports via ST Notify instead of wasting time on designing and building customized reports.

• Document Management:

ST Notify needs to be aware of any new documents attached to tasks. If the manager doesn’t want to, he can easily change those settings.

• Improve Customer Care Strategy:

Using ST Notify one can also send valuable information to the clients. With relevant and personalized notification, better results can be achieved.

• Make it Easy for the Customer:

A business can provide a link to some specific place in their app to guide the user to what the business wants to show them. This is the best way to engage customers with your business.

Why Shree Tripada?

Shree Tripada is an IT organization that offers various types of services from Bulk SMS to Bulk Email and Notification Services. Shree Tripada has been in this business for over a decade now and has been satisfying each of its clients. We have endured in this industry because of:

1. Technology:

At Shree Tripada, we ensure our clients get the best. As such, we make use of the latest technologies to deliver the solutions required by our clients.

2. Server Uptime:

During the decade we have served our clients, we have managed to keep our server uptime rate at 99%. This helps retain our customers who believe in us.

3. Retention Rate:

As we take care of our customers, they take care of us. Once our customers, always our customers. We ensure our Customer Retention Rate is 100%.

4. After Sales Support:

We do not sell and forget. Once we have sold our product/service, we ensure our customers do not face any difficulty using them. In case they do, we provide them with after-sales support also.

We have been here:

Founded in 2011, Shree Tripada prides itself on having served its customers for over a decade. The list of our customers has been growing every passing day since our inception in 2011. This growing list of our customers strengthens our resolve to serve them better in future.